The Joe Berry Award is owned by and has been conducted by the Association of Sales and Marketing Companies Australasia (ASMCA) since 2005. The ASMCA conducts the Award as a not-for-profit organisation and an independent industry body. The ASMCA does not profit from the Award.

▪ The Joe Berry Award is run by the ASMCA Board who will from time-to-time use outside professionals to provide advice and currency to the program. These professionals are not paid for their advice and provide service as donations to the Award.

▪ The Rules, Conditions and Topics for the Joe Berry Award are designed to provide an even playing field for all potential entries and no bias or preference is implied or applied in running this Award.

▪ The ASMCA accepts and promotes diversity in the running of the Award but does not make provision in the Award rules for any specific group or person. Individual situations may be viewed through the Help Desk.

▪ Information received on the individuals contesting the Joe Berry Award is held as private information and it is not sold or used in any form other than for the purposes of the Award and Scholarship judging.

▪ The ASMCA holds ownership of all submitted entries and may use these entries for the purposes of promotion of the Award for future years. Authors of essays will be acknowledged when essays are used in promotions.

▪ The ASMCA may require entrants and finalists to be part of video recording of the Award in progress. These recordings may be used for promotional purposes but will not be made available for sale or for any other purpose outside the Award.

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